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Located in Santa Rosa, CA, Dr. Greg Thigpen psychotherapy services include helping families and couples.

"When I send a client to Dr. Thigpen, I know they will be treated with care and competence."

-Ralph Ames, PhD

"Anyone looking for help during a difficult time would be lucky to work with Dr. Thigpen."

-Lorette Labataille, MD


Over the last 15 years it has been my pleasure to help hundreds of Sonoma County couples, families, and individuals to move through difficult times, meet their goals and move forward in their lives.

Problems that individual (adult and teenage) clients and I have successfully resolved include some of the following: problems with mood including depression and bipolar disorder; problems with anxiety and worry; and disabling feelings of stress and overwhelm. At other times the focus of counseling has been on shifting out of old, ineffective ways of acting and interacting, as well as working through recent life changes.

In my practice I have helped couples and families communicate more clearly and constructively; resolve problems respectfully and effectively; and appreciate (or at least accommodate) differences so that partners and family members can live in harmony and respect.

I understand that you might want more information before deciding to start therapy, and so I invite you to explore this site or to contact me for more information. You can reach me by phone, at 494-6462, or you can use the Contact page to email me. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.



At one time or another all of us need help in some area of our life, and I believe that it is a healthy and constructive response to seek help from others. Sometimes we are looking for information, another perspective, or some ideas about how to proceed. At other times what is needed is support, an opportunity to review and “take stock”, or help in coping with and moving through difficult emotional experiences. In my work with clients I begin with a conversation to identify what is wanted, both in terms of goals and in terms of the approach we might take.

Regardless of what brings them to my practice, clients can expect to be treated as equal partners in our work together. Key to my approach is a focus on a respectful, responsive and collaborative alliance with clients. What this means is that your concerns will be heard and understood in an atmosphere of trust and respect; that we will work together as equal partners in setting clear and compelling goals; and that I will continue throughout our meetings to ask for your feedback on how meetings are proceeding, and whether you are satisfied with the progress we are making.



During my career I have been privileged to work with a wide range of clients, including children and the elderly. My primary focus has been on helping adolescents, adults, couples and families, tailoring my approach to each client’s needs.

Before entering private practice, I worked in a variety of agencies and institutions here in Sonoma County. These included the following: Sonoma County Children’s Day Treatment; Sonoma State University Counseling Center; Family and Community Counseling Services; Elsie Allen Health Center; Social Advocates for Youth; Evergreen Health and Rehabilitation; and New Directions Adolescent Services. At New Directions I worked with teens individually and in groups, and served for many years as the Family Services Coordinator.



I am a long-time California resident and have enjoyed living in Sonoma County for over 20 years. In my free time I enjoy hiking, gardening, fishing and other outdoor activities.



From Former Clients:

“You’ve been the most helpful therapist I’ve ever been to. I really appreciated that we not only talked about my problems, but you also helped me come up with skills and strategies and helped me practice ways to deal with my situation.”

“It was so relieving to know that my daughter had a safe place to go and talk about her problems. You can see the difference it makes, just in how much more light-hearted she is. My husband and I feel like we’ve finally gotten our daughter back!”

From Professionals:

I have known Dr. Thigpen both as a person and as a clinician for over 15 years. During that time, I have consistently found him to be an excellent therapist as well as an easy person to talk with. I have come to value his perspective and his approach to working with people in difficult situations. In addition, patients I have referred to him say he is kind, understanding, engaged, and skilled.  When I send a client to him, I know they will be treated with care and competence. 
-Ralph Ames, Ph.D (Psychologist)

I wholeheartedly recommend my patients to Dr. Thigpen for psychotherapy. He is very well trained, has years of experience and is a truly talented therapist. I have known him over the years as a man of the highest values who treats his clients with thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion. Anyone looking for help during a difficult time would be lucky to work with him. –Lorette Labataille, MD (Psychiatrist)