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Greg Thigpen, PsyD, provides cognitive behavioural therapy.

I understand that
making a call to a
therapist can be a big
step. I invite you to
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Life can be difficult, and it’s natural to feel challenged at times. We all experience days or even weeks when we we’re stressed and on edge, when we don’t quite have a handle on things, or when our relationships are a source of pain more than pleasure.

When negative feelings (such as depression, anxiety, worry, or stress) persist, however, or when there seems no way to resolve the problems you’re having with a loved one, it may be time to turn to someone who can help provide additional perspective and assistance.


The good news is that therapy has a proven track record of helping people to feel better, solve their problems, and create more harmonious relationships. As reported in a study by Consumer’s Reports, the majority of therapy clients report that therapy helped them make the changes they were looking for. The results they achieved came in many forms: resolution of negative feelings, restoration of hope, along with gains in insight, confidence, and more satisfactory interpersonal relationships.

These findings only confirm what I have been fortunate enough to witness first hand. For many years, it has been my pleasure to help teens, adults, families, and couples make positive changes and move forward in their lives. Time and again I have been impressed and gratified by the way individuals and relationships can flourish when provided the right help at the right time in their lives.


If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to explore this website. You can also contact me directly. I can be reached by phone at (707) 494-6462. You may also contact me by email, by going to the contact page. I hope to hear from you soon.